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New music demands new sounds. With such a complex and individual instrument like the human voice these are often difficult to grip and even more difficult to canonize.

         Beat Box moves one in popmusic already existing, highly virtuosic vocal technique in the focus of New Music, in which until now it has almost not been use yet has yet. These are sounds from an already forty years old tradition and practice!, which already has been used by many – mostly male - beatboxers. In hip-hop the beatbox is often an epediant of self-display. Quantity, quality, virtuosity and coolness are in the foreground.

         For Beat Box, those sounds are varied, fine-tuned, put into complex rhythmic structures, the socio-musical background is applied differently, and connections to linguisticality are being investigated. A - new - dialog with electronic sounds should be created, from microphone technique and tape to live electronics, and also to visual levels like projection, light and interaction with videos on screens.


further reading: Beat Blog

Brigitta Muntendorf: Bright no more (2017) trailer


Brigitta Muntendorf

Gordon Kampe

Erin Gee

Ondrej Adamek

Ole Hübner

sound: Alexander Hofmann / Donny Karsadi

light: Jörg Bittner


13.6.2017 - Unerhörte Musik Berlin

18.6.2017 - Sommer in Stuttgart, Theaterhaus

12.+.13.8.2017 - Festival Rümlingen

18.11.2017 - Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

21.11.2017 - ON-Music Cologne

10.2.2018 - TonArt Esslingen

4.7.2018 - Opera Athens


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