musical and performative works and actions

Frrr (2009) – frree vocal improvisation

Krrr (2014) -  thematic improvisation on vocal multiphonics and overtones

Little Angel (1994/96/2015) - song

Time shift zone (2015) - choreography for LOST by Jagoda Szmytka

Beating Box (2016) - for vocal percussion and tape

Daglarrrym (2016) - for voice with extended techniques and alto flute

The listener is present (2017) - performance for vocalist and audience 5-40 min

Utopia Macramé (2019) – lecture performance. One performer with video and tape 50 min

Entering the Archive (2019) - taktile score and vocal performance

FOX BOX (2019) - Unboxing Alexander Schuberts "Your Fox's, a Dirty Gold" - video piece

Voice Lab (2019/20) - ironic commentary on todays VLoggers "daytime-routine". For voice performer with live camera and extreme experimental singing 

SING - RUN FAST -SING (2020) - online community performance


insect (2020) - Butoh-like performance piece with dance and live sound

(premiere Septemer 2020, Giesen)

Choreographical work

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fotos: Richard Stoehr,

Gerhard Kühne