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musical and performative works and actions

Frrr (2009) – frree vocal improvisation

Krrr (2014) -  thematic improvisation on vocal multiphonics and overtones

Little Angel (1994/96/2015) - song

Time shift zone (2015) - choreography for LOST by Jagoda Szmytka

Beating Box (2016) - for vocal percussion and tape

Daglarrrym (2016) - for voice with extended techniques and alto flute

The listener is present (2017) - performance for vocalist and audience 5-40 min

Utopia Macramé (2019) – lecture performance. One performer with video and tape 50 min

Entering the Archive (2019) - taktile score and vocal performance

FOX BOX (2019) - Unboxing Alexander Schuberts "Your Fox's, a Dirty Gold" - video piece

Voice Lab (2019/20) - ironic commentary on todays VLoggers "daytime-routine". For voice performer with live camera and extreme experimental singing 

SING - RUN FAST -SING (2020) - online community performance


DARK WEB - co-creation with Michiko Saiki, containing "Textopfer" (performance), "Christmas Pregnant Paradise" (fixed media, video) and "Egg me, flagg me" (song for two voice and ukulele), Premiere 20.5.2021, Leipzig

Humans and other insects (2020) - Butoh-like performance piece with dance and live sound

(premiere 1.7.2021, Giesen)

Choreographical work

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